31 July 2014

July Highlights

July has been another good month for me! I can tell in myself that I'm much happier now that uni is over and I can do more of the things I enjoy. Like reading! Some other things that happened to make me happy this month are...

○ Going out for a meal with my friends Alice and Emily and finally getting to have a proper catch up! It had been ages since I last saw Emily in particular because she's a very busy lady.

○ Still on the subject of food... on a very sunny day this month my Dad and I had a drive out for lunch at a lovely little place called The Roebuck just outside of Otley. Yummy food and a good chat with my dad!

○ Graduation! I won't go into too much detail as I wrote this post about it, but safe to say I enjoyed everything about the day, apart from the very worrying rain we had on the way down in the car! I'll definitely count it as one of the best days of my life so far.

○ Pretty much constantly winning the free cake prize for the best team name at the pub quiz we go to most Mondays!

○ A couple of times this month I've had a day off work at the weekend which is when Paul is also at home. This doesn't happen very often so it was really nice to be able to spend a full day with him for once - usually I work evenings when he's just getting in!

○ Watching with amusement as Grandma figured out (by herself!) how to swipe the iPhone screen to look through photos when I was showing her a few from graduation. This is a lady who can't even fathom how to find contacts on a basic Nokia, so you can imagine her surprise!

○ Paul and I have now bought our travel insurance and applied for our visas ready for Florida in September! It's getting so close now and I can hardly contain my excitement, it's definitely going to be the holiday of a lifetime I think.

Hope you've all had a good month too!

18 July 2014

Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy

On Goodreads here | On Amazon UK here

Rating: 2/5 stars

The Blurb: 'Is it morally wrong to have a blow-dry when one of your children has headlice? Is technology now the fifth element? Or is that wood? Is sleeping with someone after 2 dates and 6 weeks of texting the same as getting married after 2 meetings and 6 months of letter writing in Jane Austen's day? Pondering these, and other modern dilemmas, Bridget Jones stumbles through the challenges of single-motherhood, tweeting, texting and rediscovering her sexuality in what SOME people rudely and outdatedly call 'middle age.'

I'm so sorry guys, but this isn't going to be the glowing review you might be expecting. I was so, so excited to read this book having been a huge fan of the first two. I bumped it up to top of the pile when it finally came out in paperback (I don't really like hardback books, just me?) and thought I would absolutely love it but when I reached the end and put it down my reaction was more along the lines of... 'Meh.'


11 July 2014

Paris Memories

Timehop is a nifty little app, isn't it? Except today it tells me that exactly a year ago I was on my way to the airport ready to fly to Paris and it's made me a little bit sad because I wish I was going again! I'd always really wanted to go to Paris and then last year on my birthday Paul surprised me by saying he was going to book for us to go the following summer. I was so excited I actually burst into tears! Even if he did try and trick me by hiding a Paris guidebook in a Kindle box... (I would not have been impressed if it actually turned out to be a Kindle, but that's a whole different post!)

Instead of feeling sad that I'm not visiting again this year, I thought I'd take a little trip down memory lane. Care to join me?

The Eiffel Tower at dusk - so sparkly!


2 July 2014

June Highlights

Okay, hold your horses 2014, you are going by way too fast! I can't believe we're in July already! I'm putting it down to me being so busy for the majority of the year so far with uni work and everything, but I feel like I blinked and all this time went by. June has been a really good month though - apart from being my first whole month of freedom from university, lots of other exciting things happened too.


1 July 2014

Thank You Notes

It's official guys, I'm going to be graduating in July with a 2:1 degree in Sociology! So I thought that now would be the perfect time to write a little list of thank yous to all the people that have helped me along the way, because I couldn't have done it on my own! 

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