15 August 2014

For Biscuit

Dear Biscuit,

Hi, little one. I really hope you're okay, wherever you are. I'm so sorry you're not here with us any more. I know you were really scared that day, but I also think you knew we were there with you. You seemed to relax once we had hold of you, so I like to think that eased things for you a little bit. I'm so sorry we couldn't do anything else for you, I would have given anything to help you if I could. If we had known, we would have done everything we could to prevent it. November was a really horrible month, I was and still am heartbroken to have lost you because you really were very special.

I realised the other day that we've been without you for longer than you were with us now and that it's coming up to exactly a year since we brought you home on August 24th, and breaks my heart all over again. I think about you and miss you every day, there was never a dull moment while you were here, clumsy! I really miss your nuzzles and purring and sharing my pillow with you at night (your pillow, really, let's face it!) and having you toddle over to see us when we came home. Thank you for always being so affectionate, your kitty kisses were the best. I'll always treasure that photo of us asleep on the sofa nose to nose, it helps me to remember that you were happy and comfortable here - and you loved me too!

I'm so grateful that we got to know you even for a short time, even though I wish so much that you had got to grow up into the big handsome cat you definitely would have been! Everybody commented on your lovely markings. I hope someone up there is looking after you for us and that there are lots of bottle caps and screwed up pieces of paper for you to play with. And cardboard boxes to climb in, too!

Love and miss you so much, little one. And don't worry - no cat, or any other pet we might have in the future, will ever replace you. You left little Biscuit pawprints all over my heart.
We'll always be your humans!




  1. This is a gorgeous, beautiful post Holly. It's actually made me well up a little! We came home from holiday last summer to find a cat had given birth to a lovely kitten in our greenhouse and we adopted them but a few months later we lost the little one in a car accident. They make such a mark on your life don't they? I'm glad you're feeling positive and have lots of memories with Biscuit :) xx

    1. They really do! People without pets can't really understand but he was such a little personality. Sorely missed every day! Sorry to hear about your little one too :( xx


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