22 February 2015

This Weekend | Water Taxis & Flat Hunting

Hello everyone! Just a short and sweet post today as this weekend I've basically been spending as much time as possible in my new pyjamas... On Saturday me and Paul were going to look at some flats, and decided to take the water taxi into town as we had a bit of time to kill beforehand. It stops right outside where we live and it's free!

Flat hunting was fun and I liked the places we saw but they were a bit too student-y for us. It might be best if we look for an unfurnished place and then even if we have to sleep on airbeds for a few weeks, we can at least start to build up our own collection of furniture we like and chose for ourselves. Fingers crossed!

In other news, I've just started reading The Silkworm yesterday. I'm already 100 pages in and eager to get back to it, so I'll leave it there for today. Hope you all had a lovely weekend!



  1. Ooooooooh I'm getting those PJs for my birthday :) My boyfriend bought them yesterday after I dropped a majorly heavy hint .. I'm not allowed them for a few weeks yet though :(
    Chloe x

  2. You have a water taxi where you live?! What?! Haha, this is so cool!

    Good luck with the flat hunting - it's an exciting, stressful experience, but so worth it when you find somewhere that you can happily call home at the end of it.



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