15 February 2015

This Weekend | Plane Watching, Book Gifting and Family Road Trips

Hello everyone. This is much later than I usually get around to writing my Sunday post but as usual, I sat down at the computer to write and got distracted doing something else. This time I was at least productive and updated my CV which makes a change!

When I first sat down tonight, I had just got home from a trip up to the runway lookout at Leeds Bradford airport with my mum, sister and Grandma. A bit different from our usual Sunday visit, but Grandma absolutely loves planes (as evidenced by the picture above) and so we decided to see if she would like a ride out in the car to spot some. She even brought her radio scanner along so we could hear the air traffic controllers, and we saw quite a few planes coming in while tucking into some fish and chips. Perfect Sunday activity.

Working backwards to Saturday - as you can see, Paul got the memo about it being National Book Giving Day as well as another much more well known holiday. He bought me a copy of The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August, which I'm so excited to read. As for Valentine's Day... Well I'm not generally a big fan, but I do love my beautiful flowers too. Even if it made me feel like a terrible girlfriend for sticking to the 'just a card' rule!

That brings us to Friday night, which was a bit of late one! I didn't get home until nearly 1am which I'm just not cut out for any more, but it was worth it for the time with my family. My brother was going to his first ever gig in Manchester and rather than him catching the train back alone at night, it was decided that Mum would drive and wait to collect him afterwards. I tagged along for the ride - I love a road trip - and we went for some food to fill the time. It was lovely to have a good chat with my mum and my youngest sister as we don't often get chance, and it sounds like my brother's first live music experience went down a treat. My sister Rowan had also managed to get a photography pass to shoot her favourite band All Time Low at the same gig, and she got some really great shots!

How was your weekend?

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  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, Holly. Taking your grandma to see the planes is such a cute thing to do with your Sunday! It's lovely how much time you seem to spend with your family - it's definitely something you won't regret later and you'll never feel like you've "wasted your weekend".

    I mostly spent last weekend eating cupcakes (my boyfriend had a box delivered for Valentine's Day) and going out to eat amazing food at a local restaurant I've not tried before - thankfully we then went on a massive walk around a Glasgow park on Sunday which made me feel a little less guilty about all the Valentine's calories (and meant I spotted my first highland cows!).



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