1 February 2015

This Weekend: Coke in a Jar, Big Hero 6 and Fighting the Plague

Happy February! I can't say I'm too sad to see the back of January, I always feel like it's a bit of a strange month!

On Friday night Paul and I went out for a few drinks with our friend Jonnie who we haven't seen for a while, which was lovely. After wandering around town for a while trying various different places we ended up at LAB near the arena. It was surprisingly quiet for a Friday night but I really like it, not least because they serve drinks in jars!

Unfortunately the rest of the weekend has mostly been spent trying to fight off the man flu that Paul very kindly passed on to me which has not been fun, but we did manage to make a trip to the cinema on Saturday to see Big Hero 6 which I loved! I'm always keen to see the newest Disney film and it didn't disappoint. It's very funny but also really touching, and for once I didn't mind that the screen was full of children - I actually really enjoyed hearing them all laughing and enjoying the film, it made for a great atmosphere.

Right now, I'm about to tuck into some poached eggs on toast and go back to my blanket fort on the sofa. Here's hoping I'm feeling better before work tomorrow!


  1. Big Hero 6 is incredible! I went to see it at a special preview weekend at the start of January and I've been dying to watch it again ever since. The atmosphere in the cinema was incredible when I went to see it too - I usually find so many people go to the cinema then spend the entire time flicking through their phone or talking to their friends, but everyone seemed really into Big Hero 6 and was laughing and crying along. Have you seen Into The Woods yet? I know it's Disney but I've heard so many terrible reviews I'm nervous about watching it...

    I hope you feel better soon!


  2. Ooh I'm glad to hear Big Hero 6 is good as I too have to see the latest Disney films. So good to know this is a good 'un, now to find some time to see it... I hope you're feeling better now. x

  3. I definitely recommend it! Thank you :) xx

  4. Into The Woods is an acquired taste I think. I'm not really a fan of Stephen Sondheim's style in musicals though so it might be just me! x


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