17 May 2015

A Very Potter Weekend

It's been a while since I wrote a weekend post, but truth be told I haven't really been doing anything that exciting with my weekends! This week is a different story though, starting with Friday night when Paul and I went to a pop up Sneaky Experience screening of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part I at Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds, which was pretty cool!

The idea behind Sneaky Experience is that rather than just watching a film, you can be part of it as well. There were all sorts of things going on, and we arrived at about 7pm to have a look around before the film started at 8pm. There were owls, themed food stalls, a pop up bar aptly named The Sneaky Cauldron serving Harry Potter cocktails, and potions class to name a few. Lots of the event organisers were in character - Hagrid was there running house cup challenges, and there was a Gringotts goblin taking tickets on entry - even He Who Must Not Be Named made an appearance!

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Just before the film started, there was a performance from Narcissa Malfoy & Her Cronies, involving fire breathing and a lot of twirling fire batons to music from the Harry Potter soundtrack, which was definitely something!

Kirkstall Abbey was a perfect setting for a Harry Potter screening, with the owl being allowed to fly over the audience before the film started, and the atmosphere was really great. Everyone there was obviously a big fan and it was fun hearing how people reacted to some parts of the films - including cheering at Dobby's speech and booing Bellatrix and the snatchers. There was a bit of a scramble for seats but I think everyone had a good view!

If that wasn't enough Potter for one week (just kidding, there's no such thing) we watched Deathly Hallows Part II yesterday afternoon, to finish off a week-long marathon. I'm quite impressed we managed to watch all 8 films within a week! Coincidentally, we're also going to a Harry Potter quiz night tonight which I'm really looking forward to, although I can get very competitive... I once nearly started an argument with a girl at another HP themed quiz night about the difference between Parseltongue and Parselmouth...

Hope you're all having a good weekend!

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