31 May 2015

This Weekend - Paradise Wildlife Park

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you've all had a good weekend. This week, I visited Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire with my family. I love family road trips and this one was no exception, but there was a special reason for this trip. To celebrate my sister Rowan's 21st birthday earlier this year, we clubbed together as a family for a different kind of birthday present - a tiger feeding experience! Tigers have always been her favourite animal and I knew there were all sorts of up close animal experiences on offer which would make a great present. After doing some research, we decided to visit Paradise - it was actually first mentioned to Paul and I by a couple we met by the tiger enclosure at Busch Gardens in Florida, who said it really wasn't as good as Paradise!

Rowan was able to get up close to the tigers right next to the enclosure, and feed chunks of meat to one, Aleena, by hand through the bars! Only one person can book into each available time slot so this was with one-on-one guidance from the keeper who, incidentally was named Tony - think about it. He gave us lots of information about the tigers as they were being fed. Did you know, a tiger's tongue is so rough that if it was to lick your hand 5 times, it would draw blood?

It was a great experience not just for Rowan but the rest of us too - I've definitely never been that close to a tiger before and we had a really good view, being only a few paces away behind a second barrier, so we were able to get lots of good photos for her! I was also really impressed by Paradise Wildlife Park as a whole. There were lots of animals to see, but the park itself was quite compact and easy to get around, and they really made the most of the space. Most of the enclosures had raised walkways so you could easily see the animals inside. A great day out and definitely worth the drive, and the 6am wake up call!


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