25 September 2015

A Year of Love

'I've planned a year of awesome dates
Treats and trips, fun and f

2nd September marked 4 years that Paul and I have been together. To celebrate, he planned something really special! Every month for the next year, Paul has organised a date for us. I have no idea what sort of things he's planned - each date is inside a sealed envelope that I'm not allowed to open until the first day of the month. Every envelope has a little rhyme on the front and I'm supposed to use that to guess before I open it. I'm so excited to see what adventures are in store!

I'll be writing little posts about each surprise. This month, we're visiting a big wedding fair in Harrogate, followed by afternoon tea at Betty's. It's the first one we've been to so I'm not sure what to expect, but I'm excited!

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