14 October 2015

Happy birthday Winnie the Pooh!

The more it snows (tiddely pom),
The more it goes (tiddely pom),
The more it goes (tiddely pom),
On snowing. 
And nobody knows (tiddely pom),
How cold my toes (tiddely pom),
How cold my toes (tiddely pom),
Are growing.

- The House at Pooh Corner (1928)

Today's post is dedicated to a very special literary birthday. A.A. Milne's classic children's book Winnie the Pooh was first published on this day in 1926, which makes that silly old bear the grand age of 89! To celebrate, here are a few of my favourite quotes from the Bear of Very Little Brain, who knows that all you need to make a song more 'hummy' is a few tiddely-poms.
  • "Just because an animal is large, it doesn't mean he doesn't want kindess; however big Tigger seems to be, remember that he wants as much kindness as Roo."
  • "Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold rather a large amount of Gratitude."
  • "If ever there is a tomorrow when we're not together, there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we're apart, I'll always be with you."
  • "It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like 'What about lunch?'"
Have you read any Winnie the Pooh recently? I used to have an audiobook that was voiced by Stephen Fry and Judi Dench amongst others, I remember that I loved listening to the Outdoor Hum for Snowy Weather! I love Disney, but I definitely prefer the traditional illustrations by E. H. Shepard. What about you?

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