10 October 2015

The One Where We've Got A Whole Week Off

I practically skipped out of work yesterday because I now have a whole week off! Paul is also off at the same time which has been practically unheard of in the past when we did shift work. Here are some of the things I want to tick off my to do list while I've got this free time. I'm listing them here on the blog to help me get my priorities in order, along with a few other fun things we're getting up to:

Sort out my iTunes: My iPod hasn't been updated in about three years because all my music is stuck on my old dinosaur laptop, and I haven't wanted to plug my iPod into my new one because it will erase the whole thing. I haven't moved any music across to my newer laptop because I think that's what essentially broke the last one. Last week I bought a hard drive, so this week off is the perfect time to move all the songs over to external storage and finally start using my iPod more! I get a bit tired of Spotify cutting out all the time depending on signal and I can fit so much more on there anyway.

Draft a book: I don't want to make too much of this, or shout from the rooftops 'I'm writing a book!' because I don't know that I definitely am yet but basically, as I mentioned in this post, I've had an idea for something that I think could maybe turn into a nice little children's story. This week should hopefully give me time to think about it in a bit more detail and see if I can actually make it into anything. You never know unless you try!

Venue viewings: We have a couple of appointments with potential wedding venues this week which I'm really excited about! One of them we actually visited once before, but we had accidentally been put in the diary for a day when another wedding was taking place so we didn't get to see it all. Fingers crossed the parts we haven't seen before don't disappoint!

Apart from that, I'll mostly be catching up on sleep and reading as much as I can. I've just borrowed The Girl on The Train from my local library after being on the reservation list for weeks, which happens to coincide nicely with October's Olive Fox book club, so I'm looking forward to getting stuck in to that. I'm also visiting my sister at university and hopefully catching up with a few friends I haven't seen for a while. I can't wait!

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