24 April 2016

#Readathon: hour 16

Local time:  04:00
Hours spent reading: 14.5ish
Pages read: 726
Books finished: 4

I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself because I've now managed to read 4 books for Readathon, and I've also reached the halfway point, 15/30 books, in my Goodreads challenge!  Yay for Readathon!
I'm feeling very sleepy now though and the coffee isn't working, so I think I'm going to put down the book I'm reading at the moment (Perijee & Me - 40 pages in) and get a couple of hours sleep.  I so badly wanted to get through the whole 24 hours but sleep is important and I can hardly keep my eyes open, which is making reading quite difficult.  I'll be back later with another update!


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