23 April 2016

#Readathon: hour 9

Local time: 21:13
Hours spent reading: 8
Pages read: 488
Books finished: 3

So we're into hour 9, that's crazy!  It's gone so fast, for me anyway.  I've finished my third book and I'm now on my 4th, St Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves which is a short story collection by Karen Russell.  I'm really liking it so far.  Dreaming The Bear was also wonderful!

I'm starting to feel a bit tired and a bit restless but as I type this, we've just received a phonecall to say our food is on it's way - we're having fish and chips which will go down a treat and I'll probably have a break of about half an hour or so now to eat properly, and give my eyes a rest.  I'm still hoping to power through the full 24 hours but we'll see how I'm feeling a bit later on.
I'm still tweeting my way through and updating Goodreads with each new book I pick up!

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