5 June 2016

9 Nice Things

Hello everyone, how are we all?  I know things have been very heavily book themed on these pages in recent weeks but I'm going to try and include more lifestyle posts again, starting with this list of things that have been making me smile over the past couple of weeks.

01. The Beauty and The Beast teaser trailer.  I'm so excited to see this film!  I think the casting is perfect and I recently found out that Ewan McGregor is also in it, so basically it's already my favourite film of 2017. 

02. A couple of weeks ago my friend Alice and I had cream tea at The Tetley in Leeds.  It was yummy and it's always lovely to spend the afternoon chatting over a scone and a cuppa or two.

03. Fresh flowers from the market.  I recently picked up these pretty pink roses and they have been adding a lovely pop of colour to my living room.

04. Baking - for the first time in years!  I made banana bread on bank holiday Monday.  I was really pleased with how it turned out, and it made me feel so content to have spent time on something like that on my day off rather than looking at screens.

05. Scented candles, specifically Yankee Candle Lemon Lavender.  I had some time off last week and after spending one whole day cleaning the flat, it was blissful to light a candle and put my feet up.  I don't think the power of a scented candle can ever be overstated!

06. Having things to look forward to.  Next month we're heading down to London to see Harry Potter & The Cursed Child which I'm sure will be amazing!  Since we were making the journey for that, we decided to make a little holiday of it so we're also going to see the Aladdin musical, and I bought Paul tickets to The Play That Goes Wrong for his birthday.  I love going to the theatre so I can't wait!  Then in August we're spending a weekend in Liverpool - Paul has arranged for us to stay in The Beatles hotel which is pretty cool, and I'm hoping to go and find the Penny Lane street sign.

07.  Rainbow ice cream. Best enjoyed in the sun with a friend.

08.  Lighter evenings.  Spring and summer aren't really my favourite seasons (hello, hayfever) but I will admit that lighter evenings make for much nicer walks home from work.

09.  I had to be very brave this week, and I was proud of myself, but it was even nicer to hear Paul tell me I had made him proud too. That guy.  I couldn't do life without him.
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