6 November 2016

9 Nice Things

A mish-mash of things that have made me smile over the past few months.

01.  Receiving my invitation to my best and oldest friend's wedding next year!

02.  Starting my new job at the beginning of October, and the card I was given by my old manager on my last day in the office saying thank you for being part of the team.

03.  A giggly day out in York to celebrate a friend's birthday where we put on silly party hats and wandered the streets doing a historical treasure trail, getting some serious funny looks from the locals, and finished with a yummy meal at Ask Italian.

04.  A weekend by the sea in Scarborough with my family, complete with early morning walks on the beach, fresh donuts, amusements, funfairs, fish & chips, games night and even a boat ride.

Sunrise in Scarborough - not a filter in sight
The first time we have been to the seaside since we've been together - I know! - so it had to be done

 05.  Eating in Jamie's Italian whilst on induction for my new job in Manchester, which is in the most beautiful 1930s bank building with domed ceilings and amazing woodwork.  They have even turned the old bank vault into a private dining room.  Our waiter told us that Hitler thought it was beautiful too, and ordered that the building not be destroyed on the invasion of the UK as he wanted it for his Northern headquarters.

06.  Playing in pretty lights at Light Night Leeds.

07.  My first festive drink of the year - a black forest hot chocolate from Costa.  Fierce competition for my old favourite gingerbread latte from Starbucks!

08.  Keith the cat coming to stay with us whilst his owner was on holiday.

09.  Catching a rainbow on my way home from work.


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