31 January 2017

Silver Linings - January

I was a little reluctant to write this post. It's something I've been planning on doing all through January and I've saved up little moments to include for the whole month, but it seems so trivial compared to the quite frankly horrifying things happening on the other side of the Atlantic, and of course around the world. But, maybe it's more important than ever now to hold on to the good things in life. Here are my January silver linings.

A beautiful sunrise. As you can see from the photo, the first day back at work after Christmas wasn't all bad. At least there was a pretty sky!

Dinner at Buca di Pizza. Paul's dad's birthday is in early January and we all got together for a birthday meal. The food here is so good, we were all spoilt for choice, and I definitely want to go back to try one of the other pizzas. In the end I went for the Hickory Pig - bbq pulled pork. Yum.

Taking on more responsibility at work. We've recently had a bit of a shuffle around at work as one of the girls is going on maternity leave soon, and I'm now responsible for a lot more of the recruitment. It's quite a lot more work but I like to be kept busy, and it's nice to know they thought I could handle it after only being there for 3 months.

First gym class of the year. I got right back into the swings of things at the gym... in the second week of January. The classes were all full in the first week, and I'm not just saying that, I swear. It felt good to get that first class of the year all done and dusted, even if my thighs were practically screaming the next day.

Seeing my best friend in her wedding dress. My oldest friend is getting married in a couple of months, and she invited me along to her dress fitting one Saturday this month, followed by tea and cake in a little cafe in Otley. I could so easily have cried when I saw the dress, but I held it together. Safe to say she is going to look like a princess and I can't wait for the big day. I don't think it will be so easy to hold back the tears then though!

Chatting with Dad. After the dress fitting I went to see my dad; he was moving house and I offered to help carry some things but we ended up just chatting all afternoon and it was the best. We need to do that more often, especially if there are more hot cross buns.

Fish and chips at the end of the runway on Grandma's birthday. We lost our lovely Grandma just before Christmas. We used to visit her every Sunday and we have done for years, and one of her favourite things to do was drive up to the runway lookout at the airport to watch the planes. So that's what we did on her birthday, January 15th. It was bittersweet, not to have her with us, but it was nice for us to be there on her birthday talking about our memories. I hope I will always remember the last time we took her, in summer when it was warm enough to get out of the car - she applauded every time one took off, making everyone around us smile. <3

An unexpected trip to London. My dad had some tickets to London that he couldn't use, so a couple of weekends ago me and Paul jumped on the train for a day trip. It was so nice to spend time together, and of course get our Shake Shack fix... We also stopped by the Platform 93/4 shop in King's Cross and I came home with baby Hedwig.


Speaking of Harry Potter... I have started my re-read for the 20th anniversary and it was long overdue. I'm so happy to be back at Hogwarts!

Tea at Wildwood in Ilkley. Good food and great company. I haven't been over to Ilkley in forever and it was nice to go somewhere different, and also to feel happy enough with my face/hair/everything to take my first selfie in months, if not years. A nice little confidence boost - although thank heavens for Instagram filters!

My favourite things this month:
The Moana and La La Land soundtracks
Lush Rose Jam shower gel
Lush Sleepy body lotion
Soap and Glory Hand Food handcream
M&S leggings

See you next month for more silver linings!

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