2 April 2017

March Silver Linings

This time last year I would have commented on how fast the year is going, but I think I'm getting used to the fact that adult life just moves at this pace.  The routine of a work week just seems to make time fly - not because I'm having fun, but before you know it you've done another week and then the weekends just whizz by too!

Here are some good things that happened in March:

International Women's Day. I've always identified as a feminist but this is something I've become much more passionate about over the the past couple of years. I suppose I can thank Donald Trump for that? It made so happy to see everyone's posts on social media on March 8th celebrating the women in their lives and all our collective achievements. Women are brave, strong, independent, feisty, funny, loving and I'm so proud to be one.

Emily's wedding. My best friend got married this month and it was such a beautiful day! Everything looked amazing and we all had so much fun dancing, singing, playing in the photobooth, crying at speeches (me) and just generally being part of the day.

Birthdays! It was Paul's birthday and my sister Rowan's birthday in March and both were lovely.  For Paul's we went to Showcase cinema in Birstall, Leeds to watch Lego Batman and to try their new reclining seats! So good, even if the film wasn't particularly. For Rowan's I spent the day hanging out at mum's house, just chatting.  I love spending time with my family, we always laugh a lot and my heart always feel so full afterwards.

Moves like Grandma. My sister was looking through the Facebook page for my Grandma's care home when she found a video they had posted of the residents having a dance and sing-along to old songs.  My Grandma features quite heavily in it and she looks like she was having so much fun dancing, with some fancy footwork to match!  We're all missing her a lot so it was lovely to see.

Annual leave. Paul and I both had a week off work around his birthday and I'm sure I won't need to tell you how nice it is to not have to get up!  I hadn't had any time off since Christmas so it was much needed.  We just pottered around, I did a lot of reading and just generally relaxing.

Beauty and the Beast.  I finally got to see Beauty and the Beast on the 31st and I absolutely loved it.  I think will write a separate post on my thoughts in full but I was so happy!


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