17 April 2017

Taking Stock

Ahh bank holidays.  Can every weekend be four days long please?  I'm serious, the extra two days of time to do my own thing have got me feeling the calmest about going back to work that I have for a few weekends now.  I think I take a little more time to recalibrate after a week at work than some!

I haven't done one of these posts for a while and this seemed like a good time.  It's funny how I get the urge to blog at these kinds of times, yet when I sit down to try and write anything it's like getting blood from a stone.  What's the deal?

Here's what's been happening with me lately.

Making: paleo stuffed pepper soup for my work lunches this week.  I'm trying to get into making my own lunches at home, both to cut down on my spending and also to be healthier.  I've even asked Paul to teach me how to cook... We'll let you know how that goes!
Drinking: tea, tea and more tea, as usual, but I do also have a new found love of green tea which is good news for my health goals. I really like the Starbucks mint blend in particular
Reading: The Lonely Hearts Hotel by Heather O'Neill.  I'd heard good things but it's not really grabbing me so far.  I think I'll give it a few more chapters then give up and take it back to the library
Trawling: Pinterest for healthy lunch recipes and bullet journal pages.
Wishing: I had been at the Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary celebrations!  We caught up on the livestream today and it looked so amazing.  We'll be there for the 30th, come what may.
Enjoying: time away from the office
Loving: my bunny slippers that Paul's sister got me for my birthday
Listening: to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack. I love the new songs!
Watching: Line of Duty! If you haven't watched it, where have you been?! Get on that immediately.
Hoping: for a calm week at work
Getting: lots of Easter eggs! Probably too many for a 26 year old...
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