8 June 2017

All The Good Things

Using your best handwriting on the first page of a blank notebook
Squeezing hands with grandparents
Walking through crunchy leaves in Autumn
Curling up with a book when it's raining outside
Finding new music that you love straight away
Reading aloud to yourself sometimes when there's no one else home
Parking at the runway lookout with fish and chips to watch the planes
Seeing office workers having picnics with their families at lunchtime
 Solo dance parties while doing the washing up
Putting the world to rights with old friends
The first night in a fresh bed
That first cup of tea in the morning
Sunday afternoon naps
Laying in the grass making daisy chains
The feeling of leaving work on a Friday knowing you have next week off!

This list is inspired by Clare Fisher's new book All The Good Things as today is my stop on the blog tour! All The Good things is out now in hardback and don't forget to have a look at the other blog tour posts below for reviews and author content :)


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