1 July 2017

May Catch Up

I was doing quite well with the monthly silver linings posts here but here we are at the beginning of July and I haven't written one for May yet - and I don't have any silver linings for May.  I had a really funny month, with some things from earlier in the year coming to a head.

Without going into too much detail, basically around mid-March I found out that my job role was going to be changing.  This came only 6 months after I had left another job to join the company, after I was approached by their talent acquisition team and it made me feel quite unsettled.  When I started there I was so happy to have found a permanent job that played to my strengths - now, the part of the job that was relevant to my experience was to be taken over by another team and I would be left with the other half, which I didn't enjoy as much and knew I wouldn't want to do long term as a career.

There were lots of factors that meant it was a sensible decision for the company and it didn't just affect me, so I don't mean to say that it was always the plan to change it and they got me there under false pretences, but the timing really sucked!  It caused a problem for me as it meant by staying with the company I would be doing a job I didn't enjoy and I would lose the experience which sets me apart from other candidates in the job market.  Essentially, I would now need to leave at some point when before I would have been happy to stay long term, and that wasn't something I was expecting to come up against only 6 months in.

To cut a very long story short, I was honest about how I felt and this resulted in me being asked to think seriously about whether staying at the company was for me by our senior manager, and them requesting my written notice two days later.  It has all worked out now, and I have a new job to go to on 3rd July, but at the time all this was happening I didn't have anything secured and its been quite a worrying time, and a rollercoaster of emotions!  Clearly I don't feel that I left the company fully on my own terms which I wouldn't have chosen, but I'm glad to be out of there.  I've learned that whilst honesty might be the best policy, you don't owe complete honesty to anyone - all I owed them was my attendance for the working day and to do my job as well as I could, which I always do anyway.  It's not really fun to learn that being honest and transparent don't always work in your favour, but I'll be a bit more careful about wearing my heart on my sleeve in future.

My dad once told me that a job isn't who you are, it's just what you have to do to pay for the good stuff.  That's true, but it's still important to me to feel happy and settled at work.  After all, it's where you spend most of your time!  I'm hopeful that in my new place I'll finally have found somewhere I can stay long term.  So far, everything looks good.  I couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the day after my interview and the people there seem really lovely, so fingers crossed!

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